AM E074204

Mahabharata story?

Story unknown, Reads L > R, 1. Merda, Twalen, Sadewa, Nakula and Kunti face across tree, Bima, Dharmawangsa and Arjuna. 2. Merda, Bima and Twalen walk to right. 3. Merda, Bima and Twalen confront across tree four alus 'knights' one of whom holds a white bull, Delem and Sangut. 4. Merda, Twalen and Bima walk to right. 5. Sadewa, Nakula, Kunti and Morda watch Bima who points vigorously at (?) Arjuna and Dharmawangsa, Twalen is at Bima's feet. No one has cracked this story, Galestin had no idea. Mangku Mura suggested that the four 'knights' in scene 3 are Pandawa children including Abimanyu and Irawan and that the bull is a present from Antaboga Irawan's grandfather, but if this is so what are Delem and Sangut doing with this bunch of heroes from the right? [ref LC]

320 by 26 cm
On Balinese cloth [ref reg], Very thin Balinese cloth [ref LC]

Painted at: Kamasan village

Collection of the Australian Museum

Previously in the Anthony Forge Collection

Depicts: Arjunawiwaha