AM E074205 Death of Abimanyu

Bharata Yuddha scenes

Reads L > R [ref reg], 1. Abimanyu kneels with Krisna, Arjuna, Nakula and Sedewa behind him to Dharmawangsa and Bima with two other unknown Pandawas Twalen and Morda. 2. All from scene 1 go to war, led by Abimanyu, then the two other unknown Pandawas, Nakula, Sadewa, Bima, Arjuna, Krisna, Dharmawangsa, Twalen and Merda. 3. The death of Abimanyu, he is in the centre pierced by many arrows while two Korawa fall at his feet he is attacked by twelve more. There are difficulties about identifying some of his attackers who are shown as a type, but from the left the second is Karna, the third Jayadarata. The second of the right hand group is Duryodana, the 3rd Drona and the 5th Dussusana [ref LC]

336 by 28 cm
On Balinese cloth [ref reg], thin Balinese cloth [ref LC]

Collection of the Australian Museum

Previously in the Anthony Forge Collection

Depicts: Arjunawiwaha

Depicts: Bharata Yuddha