AM E074246 Arjunawiwaha

Arjunawiwaha, Supraba Duta

This painting shows Indra with suitable attendants, and female nymphs, perhaps some of those who have previously tempted Arjuna, despatching Arjuna and Suprabha to discover the secret of Detia Kwaca's powers. Indra and the nymphs are on the right, and Arjuna and Suprabha kneel before him, on either side of the elaborate central tree. Behind Arjuna are two heavenly resi, of which the one nearest the centre is Begawan Wraspati (who is, following convention, given the face of Drona). Underneath the resi are shown two male characters, presumably heavenly attendants, (possibly those who brought Arjuna from his meditation to Indra's heaven) [ref Anthony Forge, Balinese Traditional Paintings - See NARRATIVES]

99 by 83 cm
On Balinese cloth [ref reg], Very thin Balinese cloth [ref LC]

Painted at: Kamasan village

Collection of the Australian Museum

Previously in the Anthony Forge Collection

Depicts: Arjunawiwaha