AM E076375

pigment on very thin cotton cloth [ref reg]

3. In the first scene on the left as we view the painting we see Arjuna fighting the god Siwa disguised as a hunter about the dead boar which they both claim to have killed. 4. Here we see Arjuna kneeling with the nymph Tilottama beside him before the god Indra. Behind Indra is a princely courtier and the two parekan seated in a pavilion. 5. Arjuna and Tilottama set off to discover Niwatakawaca’s vulnerable spot. They are accompanied by the two parekan, Twalen behind and Mredah in front [ref PW 2005]

212 by 31 cm

Collection of the Australian Museum

Previously in the Anthony Forge Collection

Depicts: Arjunawiwaha