Haks 006 Arjuna's temptation

Ida Bagus Nyoman Buda (1910–1942)

Date painted: 1910

Arjuna Metapa, or the temptation of Arjuna; Dedaris floating towards mythical scene, batik, flower, temptation.

For a similar work by this artist, see the catalogue cover illustration of the Pita Maha exhibition held at the Bandoengsche Kunstkring 22-28 November 1936. Attribution by Haks and Maris, (compare R. Bonnet 'Beeldende Kunst in Gianjar' in: "Djawa" vol.16 1936 (illustration 18))

50 by 75 cm
washed pen and ink and watercolour on paper.

Previously in the Leo Haks Collection

Whereabouts unknown

Depicts: Arjunawiwaha

Painted at: Batuan village

Previously in the Dr. F. Bonne Collection

photo: Leo Haks