on “Varieties of Humour and Laughter”

Kingsley - stage farce
Dr Peter Kirkpatrick

Above left: Mr Peter Kingsley presenting a workshop on "Dramaturgy of a Stage-Farce" at the 2012 AHSN Colloqium.
Above right: Dr Peter Kirkpatrick presenting at the 2012 AHSN Colloquium.

The 18th AHSN Annual Colloquium, on “Varieties of Humour and Laughter” was held at University House, Australian National University, on Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th February 2012.

The final programme for the colloquium is available here.

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This event was convened by Dr Jan Lloyd Jones, School of Cultural Inquiry, the Australian National University, and was made possible with the kind support of the ANU College of Social Sciences (CASS). AHSN is a transdisciplinary network of scholars concerned with humour, laughter and the comic in all their forms.