What is ICT?

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is responsible for the development, implementation and support of technology-based services that support the core functions of the University.

A list of our services is available on the ICT Service Catalogue.

ICT also has support websites for staff and students.

How to engage ICT

There are a number of different channels available for the University to communicate with ICT.

For the majority of University staff, ICT can be engaged primarily in one of two ways;

  1. Through the ICT Helpdesk
  2. Through ICT Account Management (ie through an IT Manager)

The ICT Helpdesk is the first port of call, for staff and students, when;

  1. you have an issue with your IT system, eg a technical “outage”, or
  2. you need a service, eg access to a system, or a new telephone, additional software licensing.

The Helpdesk provides telephone assistance to both staff and students, and succeeds in troubleshooting most inquiries.

If the help request is more complex, it is referred to a Support Team (called Level 2 Support) who will investigate the request further. Occasionally further investigation needs to be undertaking by the Vendor (supplier of the software). This is handled by the Level 3 Support Team.

All calls to the Helpdesk are recorded in ICT’s service management software suite called ITSM, so that they can be tracked and improvements to our customer service can be identified.

ICT Relationship or Solution Managers have account management responsibilities.