Frequently asked questions



Where do I go for help when using technology in the spaces?

For assistance in any of the spaces, please contact onsite technical lab assistants.

Can I book or use the computers in the labs outside of class?

All learning spaces within the Charles Perkins Centre hub are designed to be booked using the University timetabling service.

If you’re looking to use computers outside of class, visit one of our other computing spaces on campus.


Where can I save my documents?

IMPORTANT: Any files saved on your computer will be deleted when you log off!
When using the computers in the X-Lab, you can store your data using any of the following methods:

  • Removable USB media – such as a memory stick or portable USB hard drive
  • Email – you may email files to yourself or others using Sydney Mail
  • Faculty file server – if your faculty has a student file server, you may be able to map a network drive to it. To do this you will need to know the server name and have appropriate access. Some GRASP shares will automatically be available through the File Explorer.

Remember: you should regularly back up your data to an alternative location to reduce the risk of data loss.

What applications are available?

List of available applications can be found online at

Who can I contact for help with my computer?

If you require assistance in the lab, please contact the onsite technical lab assistants. Otherwise speak to your lab demonstrator.

Can I install software on my computer?

No, you cannot install software via the control panel or by running installation files.

Should I install updates if prompted?

Please ignore requests to update applications. Any software updates will be lost when you log off your virtual desktop.

Can I use a keyboard?

The computers in the X-Lab are designed to be used without a keyboard or mouse. If you need to use a keyboard or mouse, please speak to your lab demonstrator or onsite support staff.

How come I can sometimes hear the demonstrator and other times not?

Depending on the size of your class, the X-Lab has a unique audio system to ensure multiple classes can be run in the space without disruption. As a result, sound is limited to certain areas of the space depending on your class size. If you can’t hear your demonstrator for any reason, we recommend moving closer to the bench and ensuring you’re within proximity of your class.