How do I share my desktop?

You can share your laptop screen on the screen and/or display it alongside that of the other members of your group, even if they are not on campus or they are in another location. The following software enables you to do this:

  • allows you to share desktops, mouse control and chat.
  • Adobe Connect: allows for shared desktop and whiteboard, chat and webcam.

For instructions on how to share your desktop on the screen, take a look at the following guides:

Adobe Connect

How do I use

If you are using for the first time you will need to download the software. If you are on campus make sure your laptop is connected to the UniSydney wireless network. Wireless instructions are available here.

Open a browser and enter The following screen displays:

website- join me website

  1. Click on the share button
  2. You will be asked if you would like to run the program. Click Run. Then a loading applet comes up and downloads the program.
  3. You will now see a toolbar in the middle at the top of your laptop screen.
Presenter tool bar presenter toolbar

If this presenter toolbar displays at the top of your laptop screen you will have successfully downloaded the application. You can move the toolbar around your screen if you wish. Now you are ready to start a meeting and share your laptop screen.

Note: There will also be a shortcut to the application on your desktop.

How do I share my screen on the pod computer using

To share your laptop on the pod screen create a meeting in or join another meeting. Follow these steps to create a meeting:

  1. On the pod computer, open a browser and type in the url displayed in your toolbar on your laptop (eg
  2. Press Enter.

Your laptop screen should now be displayed on the pod screen. To share additional laptops on the pod screen, repeat these steps. You need to open a new browser for each additional laptop you wish to display on the pod screen. This is what it might look like:

pod screen with three sessions

Pod screen with three sessions

How do I join someone else's meeting?

If you haven't downloaded and you want to join someone else's meeting you need to:

  1. Open a browser and enter
  2. Enter the meeting number (a 9-digit code) in the join box and click the button.

If you have already downloaded, double click on the shortcut link on your desktop. The following toolbar diplays:

presenter toolbar

Presenter toolbar

If you want to join someone else's meeting, enter the 9 digit code that you have been provided with in the join box. You can share control of the mouse and chat with the person you are sharing with.

I've downloaded and want to start a new meeting?

To start a new meeting:

  1. Double click on the shortcut link on your desktop.
  2. When the toolbar displays, click on share. This will create a new meeting and a new code.

Note: Each time you do connect to you will get a unique number. Once the meeting is closed the number is no longer valid.

How do I use Adobe Connect?

You can also use Adobe Connect to share your laptop screen by connecting to the pod web meeting. Each pod has a unique meeting web address - for example, (PNR is the building name, 200 is the room number and Pod_03 is the pod number)

Type the pod's meeting address in your web browser on your laptop. The following screen displays:

Adobe Connect Login page

Adobe Connect Login

  1. Select Enter as a Guest
  2. Type your Name
  3. Click Enter Room

This screen displays:

Adobe Connect Meeting

Adobe Connect Meeting

Once you are in the room you can share your screen, a document or the whiteboard by clicking on the drop-down menu in the share space. You can also chat with your collaborators, view your webcam and see their images (if they also have webcam).

How do I share my screen on the pod computer using Adobe Connect?

Open a browser on the pod computer and type the pod's meeting address in the web browser. You will also need to do the same on your laptop.

If you click Share my screen, your laptop screen will be displayed on the pod computer.