Printing and scanning facilities


Scanning facilities

Student printing at the University of Sydney

As a student you can print documents at the Library, faculty teaching labs, ICT Access Labs and Learning Hubs. For information on printing and photocopying at the University's libraries, visit the Library website.

When using the printing facilties at a Learning Hub, ICT Access Lab or faculty teaching lab you can manage your print jobs online and pay for your printing using your UniKey account. Your print jobs are also logged and managed online. To view your print jobs visit:

Note: Some faculties have a “free print quota” for students enrolled in specific courses. These “free print quotas” are provided by specific faculties and only apply when you print from those faculty teaching labs. If you print a document at an ICT Access Lab or Learning Hub, the cost of your printing will be charged to your UniKey account.

Where can I print?

Printing facilities are available at all ICT Learning Hubs and Access Labs, as well as the Library. You can print in black and white at all labs, however Colour Printing is only available at the following locations:

We also provide A3 Printing at Carslaw, PNR, Wentworth, Fisher and Cumberland.

Where can I scan?

Scanning facilities are available at the Carslaw, PNR, Wentworth, Fisher and Cumberland. There is no charge for the use of the scanner, however we do require students use this service responsibly in abiding by the various Copyright Laws of printed media.

Reducing our carbon footprint

All printers that allow double-sided (or duplex) printing are set to print documents on both sides of the paper by default. Printers are also set to print in black and white by default. The good thing is this doesn’t cost as much as printing each page on a single piece of paper. Plus you’re reducing the amount of paper you use.

If you need to print your document in colour and/or on one side of the sheet of paper (eg if you’re printing out an assignment), then you need to specify these print settings in the application you are sending the document from. So if you’re printing a Microsoft Word document, make sure you change the Print Properties and set the document to print in colour and/or in single-sided mode before you send the job to the printer.

For further details please contact the Carslaw Learning Hub on 9114 2259.