How to use Student Printing

You can now manage your print jobs online using the University's new Student Printing system. This section shows you how to:

For general information about student printing and costs, click Printing and scanning facilities on the menu.

How do I log into Student Printing?

  1. Your account in Student Printing is created after you have sent your first print job to a printer in one of the Teaching Labs, ICT Learning Hubs or Access Labs. Once you've sent your first document to a printer, your UniKey account will be synched with the Student Printing console and you'll be able to log in.
  2. To log in, open a web browser and go to If you can't remember the URL that's ok - there's a link on the Student IT homepage.
  3. Type your UniKey and Password. The Account Summary page will display.

The Account Summary screen shows you:

What is my Faculty Print quota? How do I check it?

Some faculties provide students with a quota (limited amount) of free printing. You use this quota whenever you print from a Faculty teaching lab. If you exceed your free faculty quota or if you're printing from an Access Lab or Learning Hub, your printing is charged to your UniKey account.

To check your faculty print quota balance you will need to log into Student Printing. Your faculty quota balance appears on the Account Summary page, in the top section.

How do I check my UniKey balance?

If you are already logged into Student Printing, you can check your UniKey account balance by clicking on the link on the Account Summary page. This will open the "Check my balance" online form. Follow the instructions on the form and click Submit.

If you're not logged into Student Printing, you can click here to visit the same form or click the "Check my account balance" link on the Student IT homepage.

How do I check my printing history?

To verify your account balance or apply for refunds you may find Student Printing's Detailed Print Logs tab useful.

This page displays the:

  • date of your print job
  • account it was charged to
  • name of the printer you sent it
  • number of pages you printed

To view this page, log into Student Printing and click the Detailed Print Logs tab.

My document still hasn't printed - can I cancel my print job? How?

Your document is sent to the print queue once you press print, so if the queue is short it is unlikely you'll be able to cancel the job. If you see a printer icon appear on the taskbar at the bottom of your computer screen, it might mean there is a long queue for the printer you've sent your document to.

If you need to cancel your print job, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Printer icon in the taskbar. The Printer dialog displays.
  2. Select your document in the document queue.
  3. Select Cancel from the drop down Document menu.

How do I print on one side (single-sided) only?

Where the function is available, printers in the Access Labs and Faculty Teaching Labs are set to print all documents in black and white and double-sided (or duplex/back-to-back) by default. If you need to print single-sided, you will need to adjust the Printer Properties. To do this you:

  1. Click on the File menu (or whatever the equivalent is in the application you are using)
  2. Select Print
  3. Click on Printer Properties
  4. Click on the Finishing tab
  5. Find and un-check the box Print on both sides
  6. Click OK
  7. Click Print