What is Sydney Mail?

Sydney Mail is your official University student email account where all official correspondence from the University is sent to.
Your Sydney Mail email account comes in the format: yourUniKey@uni.sydney.edu.au.

How do I access my Sydney Mail account?

The best way to access your Sydney Mail account is through the MyUni student portal. Follow the link to Sydney Mail which is located in the MyUni mail checker on the top left of the main portal window.

Note: We recently upgraded Sydney Mail to Microsoft Office365.

You can access your email through MyUni or directly at the Office365 website. If you're having trouble accessing your email via the Office365 website or on your mobile/tablet device please reset your UniKey password. For more information about the upgrade see the FAQs.

It is my first time to log into my Sydney Mail account - what do I do?

  1. Log into MyUni and click the link to Sydney Mail.
  2. Type in your Sydney Mail email address under 'Sign in with your work or school account'. Your email address is in the format: your UniKey@uni.sydney.edu.au. For example if your UniKey is jsmi0000, your Sydney Mail email address would be: jsmi0000@uni.sydney.edu.au
  3. Enter your UniKey password.
  4. Click Sign in.