How to print

Students require funds on their UniKey account in order to print at the Learning Hubs, ICT Access Labs or Faculty Teaching Labs. Printer setups may also vary slightly depending on your location so please be aware of the different ways of printing on campus.

Printing in libraries and ICT Labs

As long as you have funds on your UniKey account, any documents sent to the printer from a virtual desktop will charge your account accordingly. However, if you have insufficient funds on your account, your document will fail to print and you must recharge your UniKey before you can print again.

Busy lab locations that allow wireless and colour printing make use of ICT Print Release Stations. You will find the ICT Print Release Station located next to the printer.

You can select either ICT-VIRTUAL-BW to print in black and white or ICT-VIRTUAL-Colour to print in colour. Then simply log in to the ICT Print Release Station with your UniKey and password to confirm the documents you wish to print.

Printing in Faculty Teaching Labs

Most faculty teaching labs require students to have funds on their UniKey account in order to print. However, some students also receive free print quotas if they are enrolled in specific courses. This free printing facility applies only when students use their respective faculty teaching labs. This means you cannot use your free print quota at the Learning Hubs or ICT Access Labs.

Other ways to print at the library

As well as Wireless Printing and Virtual Desktop, library users may also use the photocopy card payment system, which is specific to some library computers and printers.