UniKey account extensions

Account group

If your UniKey expiry notice indicated that you are in a account group, this means that your account can be extended via an email from the Master User of that account group to the ICT Helpdesk's administration team.

The Master User will also have been notified that your account is due to expire. Your Master User's name is included in the UniKey expiry notice to help you contact them to ask them to request your account extension.

If your Master User has left the University, or is not currently available, your UniKey account may also be extended via an email from your Head of Department.

Email: ict.helpdesk@sydney.edu.au

Deferred students

If you have deferred your studies for one semester, and have not previously deferred your studies, you may request a 1 semester extension on your UniKey account. Please email the ICT Helpdesk at to make this request. Your email should include the following:

  • Your name
  • Your UniKey account login name
  • A request to extend your UniKey account due to deferred studies.

If you have deferred your studies for more than one semester, or have previously had your UniKey account extended due to deferred studies, then official notification is required in order to extend your UniKey account further. The only way to obtain an extension is to contact your faculty and request that they send an email to the ICT Helpdesk requesting that your UniKey account be extended and explaining the reason for that extension.

Email: ict.helpdesk@sydney.edu.au

Student who is now a staff member

Casual, Part-time and Full-time staff members may request a UniKey account while they are employed by the University of Sydney. If you have finished your studies at the University of Sydney and wish to extend your existing student UniKey account as a staff member, you will need to do the following:

  • Organise for an email from your Head of Department to be sent to the ICT Helpdesk. This must include your current UniKey username and your Staff ID number.

Email: ict.helpdesk@sydney.edu.au

If you have not yet finished your studies at the University of Sydney, a separate UniKey account may be required. Please call the ICT Helpdesk on (02) 9351 6000 to discuss this situation.

No longer a student but still need an account

If you are neither a staff member, nor a student of the University of Sydney, then an application to extend your UniKey account may only be accepted if submitted via an email to the ICT Helpdesk from a University Head of Department. This will need to include:

Your UniKey account user name
The reason for the extension of your UniKey account, specifying the nature of your current, ongoing affiliation with the University of Sydney

Email: ict.helpdesk@sydney.edu.au