UniKey funds

You can also use your UniKey account to pay for printing on campus. You can recharge your account via one of two ways:

Online: You can recharge online using Visa or MasterCard. This is our preferred method, as it allows online refunds. There is a 25 cent transaction fee which is charged against your UniKey account.

In person: You can also make payments at a staffed Learning Hub using EFTPOS or credit cards. The minimum payment amount is $10.00.

Refunds and transfers
If you graduate but still have funds on your UniKey account, you can choose to refund the remaining balance online or transfer the funds to a friend. Note: online refunds only apply if you recharged online.

GST invoice
Need a receipt? You can grab a GST tax invoice online.

Note: We will be gradually phasing out the UniKey/Extro payment system, and introducing SydPay, a new way to pay on campus. While you can recharge your UniKey account in the meantime, we recommend limiting your top-up amount to what you expect to use in the short-term only.

Find out more about the new SydPay account system.