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Download the Sydney Uni app to view maps, see what’s happening on campus and keep up with the latest news. You can also access Blackboard, search for books in the library and browse through your units of study.

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App features

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What mobile devices can I access the Sydney Uni app on?
You can access the app on both Android and Apple (iPhone) mobile devices.

Can I access the app from tablet devices such as an iPad?
The mobile app can be viewed using a tablet; however it has not been optimized for viewing on a tablet. You may need to enlarge the mobile app on your tablet so that it fits the whole screen.

How much does the Sydney Uni app cost to download?
The Sydney Uni app is FREE to download from either the Apple iTunes or Google Play stores online. Remember to rate the app and leave feedback for other users!

Does the Sydney Uni app work on the University wireless network?
Yes, if you haven’t already connected to the network, visit the Student IT website for instructions on how to connect.

Does the Sydney Uni app contribute to my monthly data allowance?
The app has been designed so that it downloads minimal amounts of data. When using the app on a 3G network, these downloads may be deducted from the data allowance determined by your provider. Please consult your telecommunications provider for more information. Using the University’s wireless network is a great way to avoid any additional costs.

Why should I download the Sydney Uni app?
The Sydney Uni app includes 12 helpful features that provide you with maps, unit of study information, Library catalogue searches and access to Blackboard mobile. It’s a perfect on-the-go reference tool for anyone with a smart phone.

Where can I register feedback or suggestions for the Sydney Uni app?
Have an issue, question or comment about the Sydney Uni app? Let us know by submitting your feedback via this online form. Your feedback will help us in making future improvements to the app.

App features

When searching for a particular unit of study, I get more results than I expected, why does this happen?
The app searches all available fields using your keywords and returns both exact and partial-match results. So, if you perform a search on PHIL5060, the app will return a result for every record containing “phil” and/or “5060”. The good news is that PHIL5060 will be one of them!

Why can’t I find the unit of study that I’m looking for?
The Sydney Uni App contains past, present and future units of study. If you can’t find a particular unit, please contact the ICT Helpdesk on 9351 6000.

Why can’t I find a staff member using the Find staff feature?
A staff member must be registered with the University phone book to appear in the Sydney Uni App. If you cannot find a staff member using the app, you can try looking on their faculty/unit website.

I am in the University phone book but can't find my name using the app, how can I get included?
Please contact the ICT Helpdesk on 9351 6000 if your details are in the phone book but are not available via the app.

How can I correct my details in the apps phone book?
To correct your details, you must first update your details in the University phone book by visiting the Staff and Careers website. (You may be contacted to verify your details prior to them being updated). Once updated, these changes will then flow through to the app. Please be aware that it can take up to five days for the changes to take effect.

How long does it take for changes to the phone book to flow through to the app?
On average, changes to a phone book record will be reflected in the Sydney Uni App within five days but it could take up to seven days.
How do I get a new place added to the maps?
If you’d like to add a place, such as a café, ATM or parking station, please make your suggestion via the feedback form. Please note that the places feature is only available to iOS users.

Why can't I access the Business School's Learning Management System (Blackboard) through the Sydney Uni app?
The Business School maintains an independent learning management system (LMS) for its students. This LMS does not currently support mobile access so integration with the Sydney Uni app was not possible at this time. However, this is likely to change in the near future, so watch this space!

I've already downloaded the Blackboard Mobile Learn app. Do I need to download the Sydney Uni app too?
Blackboard Mobile will continue to be available and supported, we’re recommending that users download and use the Sydney Uni app as it includes Blackboard Mobile and heaps of other features such as maps, news, important dates, events and more!