How to connect to the UniSydney wireless network using a phone or tablet running Android 4.2.1 (Jellybean)

Android devices will connect to the UniSydney network with the required settings automatically configured.

In most cases the user will only need to put in their UniKey and Password to connect to the UniSydney network.

The following instructions help you connect to the UniSydney wireless network if your Android device did not connect automatically. There are specific instructions for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

To connect to the UniSydney wireless network you need to:

  1. Tap the Applications icon.
  2. Tap the Settings icon.
  3. Tap Wi-Fi settings.
  4. Tap Wi-Fi. (Wait until you get a green tick).
  5. Tap the UniSydney wireless network SSID.
  6. Leave the EAP method unchanged as PEAP.
  7. Leave the Phase 2 authentication as None.
  8. Leave the CA certificate as Unspecified.
  9. Leave the User certificate as Unspecified.
  10. Type your UniKey in the identity field.
  11. Leave the Anonymous identity blank.
  12. Type your Password.
  13. Tap Connect.

You should now be connected to the UniSydney wireless network.