IISME is a joint venture between the Faculty of Education & Social Work, and the Faculty of Science. IISME was officially launched on 26 February, 2010. IISME's Director, Manjula Sharma (Science) and Deputy Director, Michael Jacobson (Education) help to bring together the collaborative and individual efforts of the researchers and units that make up IISME, and that have established portfolios in major research, professional practice and outreach at all levels within science and mathematics education.

The multiple units that comprise the Institute are listed in Our people.

Goals and focus areas

The Institute has three primary goals:

  • Promote current scientific and mathematical ideas and ways of thinking for infusion into the 21st century Australian educational system and public discourse.
  • Bring innovations in how people learn challenging mathematical and scientific knowledge into formal and informal learning settings.
  • Stimulate the ability of Australian students and citizens to understand and apply powerful scientific and mathematical ideas to deal with professional, personal and societal challenges.

Our goals are to be accomplished through the following five focus areas:

  • Enhancing research in science and mathematics education.
  • Enabling innovation and leadership.
  • Enriching science and mathematics outreach and communication.
  • Enriching student experiences.
  • Extending educators in the area of science and mathematics education.

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