About the conference

The Australian Conference on Science and Mathematics Education

The Australian Conference on Science and Mathematics Education (The 17th UniServe Science Conference) is an opportunity for tertiary science and mathematics educators to share ideas and keep up to date. Science and mathematics for this conference encompasses biological sciences, chemistry, geosciences, health sciences, information technology, learning and cognitive sciences, mathematics and statistics, molecular and microbial sciences, physics and psychology as well as the various fields of the applied sciences.

The proud partners of the 2011 conference are La Trobe University, The University of Melbourne, Monash University, The University of Sydney, Deakin University and the Australian Learning and Teaching Council.


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Date and location

The conference will be held from Wednesday the 28th to Friday 30th of September, 2011 in Melbourne, Australia.
The venue is The University of Melbourne.

Theme: Teaching for diversity – challenges and strategies.

The years ahead will be very challenging for teaching and learning in the Australian higher education sector, and in particular for the science faculties. The 20/40 agenda to increase participation, and the national discipline standards and the quality agenda will be important drivers of change. They will bring new challenges to science educators who will need to find strategies for teaching a more diverse group of students, while at same time ensuring minimum standards and engaging those who wish to pursue a career in science. The Australian Conference on Science and Mathematics Education is a national forum to foster the exchange of ideas and strategies for science teaching and learning for the 21st century and to foster collaboration and partnerships amongst science educators.

Organising Committee

  • Dr Elizabeth Johnson (LaTrobe) (Chair)
  • Associate Professor Michelle Livett (Melb)
  • Associate Professor Cristina Varsavsky (Monash)
  • Associate Professor Manjula Sharma (Syd)

Program Committee

  • Associate Professor Dawn Gleeson (Biology, Melb)
  • Dr Deborah King (Mathematics, Melb)
  • Dr Trisha Jenkins (Pharmacology, RMIT)
  • Dr Ian Potter (Chemistry, LaTrobe)
  • Dr Jan West (Biology, Deakin)
  • Dr Gerry Rayner (Biology, Monash)