Sponsors are Macquarie University, the University of Newcastle, the University of New England, the University of Sydney, the University of Technology, Sydney, the University of Western Sydney (School of Science and Health and the Mathematics Education Support Hub), and the University of Wollongong.

The attendance of Gabriela Weaver and Mick Healey at the conference is supported by the ALTC National Teaching Fellowship of Associate Professor Les Kirkup and the Office of Learning and Teaching."


Although there are no booth exhibits at ACSME, we have arranged for representatives from various companies supplying educational resources to present their latest ideas at the IDEAS EXCHANGE Session.


Revitalising the Traditional Lecture
Learn how clickers can improve conceptual understanding and engagement through:

  • Better feedback– response data, on student understanding and satisfaction, encourages focus on ways to improve teaching
  • Enhanced effectiveness – clickers enable teaching methods such as Peer Instruction, Assessment for Learning, Agile Learning, Retrieval Practice
  • Greater preparation – students are rewarded for their preparation and involvement in class

Smart Sparrow

“Online Done Right - learning by doing in an online world”
In a world is in the midst of an online education revolution, Science educators face a tough reality - teaching science online simple does not cut it. PDFs, PowerPoints and multiple choice quizzes are not enough for a discipline that is based on experimentation, hypothesis testing and “learning by doing”.

Smart Sparrow is the young start-up behind the “adaptive eLearning platform” – a technology that now underpins several large national multi-million science education projects. In this presentation, Dr Dror Ben-Naim, Smart Sparrow CEO will showcase Virtual Labs and Smart Courses as exemplars of next-generation intelligent educational content.