Publications from previous conferences

From 1996 to 2010 the Conference has existed as the Annual UniServe Science Conference. In 2011 the name has been changed to the Australian Conference on Science and Mathematics Education.
A selection of papers have been developed and published in the International Journal of Innovation in Science and Mathematics education (IJISME)

Past Proceedings
2013 Students in transition – The learners’ journey
2012 Teaching and learning standards – What does a standard mean to you?
2011 Teaching for diversity – challenges and strategies
2010 Creating ACTIVE Minds in our Science and Mathematics Students
2009 Motivating Science Undergraduates: Ideas and Interventions Bibliography
2008 Visualisation and Concept Development Bibliography (pdf 70.2 kB)
2007 Science Teaching and Learning Research including Threshold Concepts Bibliography
2006 Assessment in Science Teaching and Learning Bibliography
2005 Blended Learning in Science Teaching and Learning Bibliography
2004 Scholarly Inquiry into Science Teaching and Learning Bibliography
2003 Improving Learning Outcomes Through Flexible Science Teaching Bibliography
2002 Scholarly Inquiry in Flexible Science Teaching and Learning
2001 Research and Development into University Science Teaching and Learning
2000 Evaluating the New Teaching Technologies
1999 Tools for Flexible Learning Workshop
1998 University Science Teaching and the Web Workshop
1997 Putting you in the Picture Workshop
1997 Computer Assessment Workshop
1996 Dry Labs Workshop(pdf 952.1kB)