About the conference

Australian Conference on Science and Mathematics Education (The 21st UniServe Science Conference)
The Australian Conference on Science and Mathematics Education (The 21st UniServe Science Conference) is an opportunity for tertiary science and mathematics educators to share ideas and keep up to date. Science and mathematics for this conference encompasses biological sciences, chemistry, geosciences, health sciences, information technology, learning and cognitive sciences, mathematics and statistics, molecular and microbial sciences, physics and psychology as well as the various fields of the applied sciences.

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Date and location
The conference will be from Wednesday 30th September to Friday 2nd October 2015 in Perth, Australia. The conference days (Wednesday 30th September and Thursday 1st October) will be held at Curtin University and the discipline day (Friday 2nd October will be at Murdoch University.

Campus map of Curtin University Interactive campus map of Curtin University
Campus map of Murdoch University

THEME: Transforming practice: Inspiring Innovation
Blended, flipped, digital ready
Distributed, innovative, motivating
Transforming, competent, reflective

We have all heard the terms but what do they actually mean for our teaching practice? What actually works and what doesn’t? Don’t traditional teaching practices already do what we want? Is there too much “innovation”?

ACSME 2015 is all about the educator and how to support them: from designing and implementing creative approaches that are satisfying to both teacher and student, to how institutions and colleagues can inspire and foster teaching innovation and ensure that teaching excellence is recognised and valued.

There is increasing pressure for science and mathematics educators to become more flexible, increase the use of on-line environments, mine the research-teaching nexus, motivate more students and unlock new avenues for science and mathematics education. ACSME’s model of showcasing and building on shared experience is sure to spur insightful discussions on how to inspire effective innovative ideas and transformations in teaching practice.

Organising Committee
Dr Alexandra Yeung (Curtin – CHAIR)
Dr Daniel Southam (Curtin)
Dr Heather Lonsdale (Curtin)
Dr Helen Middleton (Murdoch)
Dr Damian Laird (Murdoch)
Mr Ruben Phillips (ECU)
Dr Nazim Khan (UWA)
W/Prof. Paul Low (UWA)

Program Committee
Dr Rachel Sheffield (Curtin)
Dr Susan Blackley (Curtin)
Dr Dino Spagnoli (UWA)
Dr Gregory Hine (Notre Dame)
Dr Drew Parsons (Murdoch)
Ms Carolyn Jones (Murdoch)
Dr Rachel Alexander (ECU)
A/Prof Manju Sharma (USYD)