IISME provides leadership in the areas of:

  • institutional collaborative networks for science and mathematics education
  • associations with state and national units
  • partnerships in the Asia Paciļ¬c region and with international

Government and the national curricula

Part of IISME's work towards revitalising mathematics and science education involves ensuring innovation at the research level translates to benefits in the classroom. This involves facilitating communication with policymakers and providing input towards the national curricula in science and mathematics. A series of workshops have been held on the National Science Curriculum and regarding the draft Australian K-10 and Senior Science and Mathematics curricula. Responses have been forwarded to ACARA and copies of these responses are included below. We look forward to ongoing developments in this area.

IISME director, Associate Professor Manjula Sharma was invited to participate in Science meets Parliament, a series of meetings and events in Canberra which allow scientists unparalleled opportunities to witness national decision making and to inform this process on important scientific issues.