Research projects

IISME encompasses a broad range of research projects originating in different units and disciplines but in the area of science and mathematics education. Just a few of these projects are listed below.

Featured projects

Science inquiry in schools

IISME is steering an initiative to improve our understanding of teacher experiences and beliefs of science inquiry in the classroom. This work is a critical contribution to teacher professional development initiatives and to implementation of the Australian curriculum in the area of science learning. More on science inquiry.

Virtual environments for learning scientific knowledge

This ARC Discovery project entitled "Multi-user virtual environments and research into the learning and transfer of scientific knowledge and inquiry skills" is lead by IISME's deputy director, Michael Jacobson and will see researchers and school teachers work together to understand and develop ways of facilitating the learning of complex science using inquiry based methods in virtual environments.

Advancing science by enhancing learning in the laboratory (ASELL)

Professor Scott Kable has been steering research and innovation in learning in chemistry laboratories at a national level. The project is expanding into physics and biology with a national workshop scheduled for April 2010. The project has the support of the Australian Council of Deans of Science and is funded by ALTC.

Innovations in primary science education

Increasingly, Master of Teaching and Bachelor of Education students work with science students in a range of activities run by the Faculty of Science. The MyScience program is being adapted to MyScience@Sydney to provide scaffolded classroom experiences to primary education students. Pre-service teachers will collaborate with classroom teachers and scientists to plan and implement lessons where primary school students are introduced and guided to conduct first-hand investigations.