The University of Sydney supported the foundation of the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) and has continued that support for the last seven years. More than 164 of our students volunteer with AIME every year.

AIME provides a dynamic educational program that gives Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students the skills, belief and confidence to finish school at the same rate as their peers. AIME also connects students with opportunities available after Year 12, including further education and employment.

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The Smith Family

In 2004, the University of Sydney was the first university to join forces with the Smith Family, establishing a long-term partnership that supports and encourages students from disadvantaged backgrounds to stay engaged in school and go on to tertiary education.

In May 2013, the University and the Smith Family renewed their joint commitment, with the University pledging more than a quarter of a million dollars to provide scholarships to disadvantaged students who show potential.

Read more about the Smith Family and its Learning for Life program - an educational initiative for children and their families.

South Cares

The University of Sydney is proud to support South Cares: a not-for-profit charity initiative of the South Sydney District Rugby League Football Club. This partnership aims to assist disadvantaged youth in the South Sydney area, with a focus on education, training and employment. In particular, South Cares aims to encourage and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people to achieve their goals and have a greater engagement in higher education.

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