Information for Parents

Thank you for considering the Wingara Mura - Bunga Barrabugu Summer Program for your child.

The Wingara Mura - Bunga Barrabugu Summer Program is held at the University of Sydney. Participants stay on campus and have a unique opportunity to experience university life, engaging in fun, educational and engaging activities in a supportive and inclusive environment.

At Wingara Mura - Bunga Barrabugu, your child will learn about entry pathways and types of support available at university, and be inspired by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander university students and staff. In addition, they will get to know other young people from high schools around the country.

The University of Sydney covers all expenses, including airfares, food and accommodation, so there is no cost to parents or schools for your child to participate.

Before your child completes their application, we support you to talk to them about what their interests are and help them choose the subjects that they would like to try out during their time on campus.

There are limited places in the Summer Program and entry is based on their application. However, if your child's application is not successful the first time, don't be deterred; we encourage unsuccessful applicants to the Summer Program to apply the following year.

Questions and answers

What can I do to help my child adjust to Wingara Mura - Bunga Barrabugu Summer Program easily?

If this is your child's first time away from home, don't be tempted to say you'll come and get them if they feel homesick. Instead, reinforce the idea that they are going to have a great time. We will distribute an information pack a month prior to Wingara Mura - Bunga Barrabugu Summer Program which will help you and your child to prepare so they have everything they need to enjoy an amazing time while away.

How many students will my child be sharing a room with?
  • Rooms accommodate 2 to 4 for Wingara Mura Summer Program
  • Rooms accommodate 1 to 2 for Bunga Barrabugu Summer Program
  • Rooms are allocated according to gender and age. Students will also be given the option to nominate a roommate if they have a friend they would like to share with who is also attending the Wingara Mura - Bunga Barrabugu Summer Program.

Our staff stay in separate rooms adjacent to the students and will be responsible for students safety and behaviour during the night.


We adopt a 1 staff member to 8 students best practice supervision ratio at all times.

What if my child is coming to Wingara Mura - Bunga Barrabugu Summer Program alone?

Wingara Mura - Bunga Barrabugu Summer Program is a great place for children to make friends.

What about special medical requirements?

We take your child's health seriously and our staff are experienced in helping children with conditions such as asthma or diabetes and will record and carefully supervise students who need to self-administer medication.

What if I need to contact my child in case of a family emergency?

In case of emergency, staff are contactable 24 hours a day - phone numbers will be provided in the information pack to be distributed one month prior.

What if my child is injured or ill?

Wherever possible you will be contacted immediately and notified of the nature of the illness or injury. If medical attention is required, students are taken to the nearest medical centre or hospital. Students with minor illnesses or injuries can stay at Wingara Mura - Bunga Barrabugu Summer Program.

Will my child be safe?

All activities are conducted by qualified and experienced staff who and first aid qualifications. All staff are screened for their suitability to work with children and are trained in safeguarding children.

How do you protect my child from bullying?

Poor behaviour such as bullying is not tolerated. Students who display inappropriate behaviour or language towards others and cannot follow staff instruction are typically disciplined with removal from activities and free time. If this behaviour continues the offending child will be removed from the Wingara Mura - Bunga Barrabugu Summer Program and sent home. Please encourage your child to speak to a staff member immediately if they are experiencing any bullying issues.


There is no cost for the schools or families of students who participate in the Wingara Mura - Bunga Barrabugu Summer Program. The University of Sydney will pay for travel, meals, accommodation and all other expenses associated with the program. However, if students would like some spending money for their time on campus, they will need to bring this personally.

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