This one's for those who are hungry for more. Do you dream of owning and managing a business in your own community? Want to understand the world of business and how it affects you? Would you enjoy a senior role in a large company with lots of overseas travel? Knowing how business works will help you achieve your goals, which is why we're giving you the opportunity to come up with and develop your own business idea, with feedback from our staff and academics. Over five days, you will learn how to pitch to stakeholders, discover how to build a brand, practice product development, manage funding streams and shareholders, as well as meet with representatives from some of the biggest and most important companies in Australia.

Future career prospects: accountancy, actuary, advertising executive, auditor, bank executive, business analyst, company director, finance manager, financial analyst, human resources officer, management consultant, marketing manager, project administrator, public relations officer, recruitment officer, sales manager, statistician, stockbroker/futures trader, strategic planner

02:24 minutes