Spend a week finding out what it is like to be a medical professional in our Health program. Are you fascinated by the human body and how it works? Can you stomach the sight of blood? Are you committed, passionate and wanting a career where you can help others? If so, then being a health professional could be the role for you. You will spend the week visiting our many health-focused faculties, meeting students and experiencing a range of medical disciplines. Over the five day program, you'll learn how medicines are made, wield a dentist's drill, perform chemical experiments, explore the means by which radiation technology can help treat medical conditions, and discover how medical breakthroughs can help forge superior sportsmen.

Future career prospects: dietician, doctor (general practitioner), doctor (specialist), exercise physiologist, medical records administrator, medical scientist, medical technician, nuclear medicine technologist, nurse, occupational therapist, orthopaedic specialist, paediatrician, pathologist, pharmacologist, physiotherapist, podiatrist, psychiatrist, psychologist, speech pathologist, surgeon, dentist, pharmacist, orthodontist

Health science