Humanities & Law

Are you interested in stories and the arguments and claims that make up those stories? Whether you are interested in your own history, in the media, or the symbols and concepts we use, the humanities and social sciences provide rigorous and substantive study. Over our five-day program you will have the opportunity to experience University tutorials in arts, social sciences and law; talk with current students and academics; explore and get hands on with University museum collections; visit court proceedings; be part of a mock trial; and discover exciting possibilities for storytelling in the digital age.

Future career prospects: academic, actor, administrative assistant, art historian, author, clerical officer, conservator, copywriter, digital producer, diplomat, economist, film director, film editor, filmmaker, historian, interpreter, journalist, librarian, media producer, policy analyst, politician, print editor, professor, proofreader, public policy manager, public relations officer, publisher, research assistant, screenwriter, script editor, stage director, university lecturer or lawyer, solicitor, barrister, anthropologist, archaeologist, novelist, philosopher, sociologist

HSC study skills