Natural Science

Get a taste of science with this fun-packed week, crammed with activities to inspire you for a career in the sciences. If you're interested in the world and the way the things in it work, then the Natural Sciences program is for you. You'll attend talks and interactive workshops run by leading scientists, conduct experiments in high-tech labs, visit our Camden campus to check out the plant breeding facilities and dairy farms, explore our world-class veterinary clinic (including the chance to artificially inseminate a sheep!), learn all about the structure of DNA, discover the structure of the universe, and take a trip to Darling Harbour for a marine science tour and workshop.

Future career prospects: astronaut, astronomer, biochemist, biologist, botanist, cartographer, chemist, engineer (various types), environmental scientist, flying instructor, food scientist, geologist, geophysicist, industrial chemist, laboratory technician, life scientist, marine biologist, materials scientist, materials engineer, mathematician, metallurgist, meteorologist, optometrist, park ranger, parks and land care manager, physicist, pilot, statistician, veterinarian

Natural Sciences