About the network

The Sydney Intellectual History Network (SIHN) draws together scholars to think through the problem of communicating significant conceptual innovation in the modern world.

The network situates research along a trajectory of intellectual history. We reconfigure this research as a dynamic, multidisciplinary way of exploring generative thought.

Some argue that the twenty-first century is a 'post-Enlightenment' and 'post-idea' world. However, researchers within our network maintain that important conceptual developments are well within our reach, but have been obscured by siloed perspectives that ignore a sense of history.

Our intent is to develop new perspectives on the past that will allow us to reshape intellectual history as a multidisciplinary field of research and to offer novel insights into the continuities and discontinuities between the past, present and future.


The Sydney Intellectual History Network was awarded funding by the Sydney Research Networks Scheme (SyReNS) to develop a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to re-evaluate and establish the connections between a number of key intellectual, artistic and cultural developments in the past.

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