Themes and lead researchers

2013 – Biography and autobiography

Biography is the genre through which the history of ideas is made most inclusive. New approaches to biography have provided ways to demonstrate the contributions of women to a range of intellectual, scientific, artistic and political developments, but also to stress the importance of community and context in the development of key scientific, economic and political ideas and theories; to demonstrate the complexity of concepts of race and gender and the capacities of individuals to cross them.

Through this research theme, the group will explore the growing importance of biography and the new insights it can bring to intellectual, scientific, economic, imperial and art history, to the history of religion, and to histories of race and of gender.

  • Professor Barbara Caine (History)
  • Associate Professor Danielle Celermajer (Sociology & Social Policy)
  • Associate Professor Andrew Fitzmaurice (History)
  • Professor Shane White (History)

2014 – Literature, art and politics

The group's collaboration around this research theme will explore the changing meanings of sensibility in relation to literature, art, economics and philosophy from the 18th century onwards and its association with acute perception and sensitivity towards something, especially the feelings of others and will move on to explore the globalisation of the concept in terms of the ways that ideas and literary and artistic forms forged in one place and time are taken up in another.

  • Professor Jennifer Milam (Art History)
  • Dr Alastair Blanschard (Classics and Ancient History)
  • Dr Jennifer Ferng (Architecture)
  • Dr Miranda Johnson (History)
  • Professor Glenda Sluga (History)