Sydney Intellectual History Network

The Sydney Intellectual History Network (SIHN) draws together scholars to think through the problem of communicating significant conceptual innovation in the modern world, situating our research along a trajectory of intellectual history reconfigured as a dynamic multidisciplinary exploration of generative thought.

While some argue that the 21st century is a 'post-Enlightenment' and 'post-idea' world, researchers within our network maintain that important conceptual developments are well within our reach, but have been obscured by siloed perspectives that ignore a sense of history. Our intent is to develop new perspectives on the past that will allow us to reshape intellectual history as a multidisciplinary field of research and to offer novel insights into the continuities and discontinuities between the past, present and future.

The Sydney Intellectual History Network currently incorporates two groups within the Sydney region: SIHN@Sydney and SIHN@UWS. We are working in partnership to develop a shared program of events of interest to our network members. It is our ambition to develop additional hubs for the network at other institutions within Australia and internationally.


Emma Gleadhill (Monash University) and Lawrence Mays (Australian National University) have received ANZSECS Travel Awards from the Sydney Intellectual History Network to participate in The Praxis of Philosophy Seminar at the University of Sydney on 28 August 2015. The seminar is part of the SIHN Research Day in Eighteenth-Century Studies: Philosophy in Dialogue. The ANZSECS Travel Awards are intended to support the development of a postgraduate community of young scholars working in eighteenth-century studies throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Upcoming Events

13 October 2016Goethe's Theory of Colours
Modern German Thought Reading Group.
14 October 2016The Art of Surgery: Descriptions of Skin in Turner and Hogarth
Long Eighteenth Century Reading Group.
3 November 2016Goethe's Theory of Colours
Modern German Thought Reading Group.
18 November 2016Periodisation Intensive
SIHN Researcher Workshop.