Visual Sensibilities/Enlightenment Cosmopolitanisms

11-13 June 2014

The character of practiced cosmopolitanism during the Enlightenment often appears to amount to little more than an extension of early modern courtly internationalism infused with a new language of ideas. Yet this ignores the desire on the part of Enlightenment cosmopolites to open borders in the name of economic, political, intellectual and artistic progress. This workshop explores cosmopolitanism in practice during the long eighteenth century, in Europe and through circulation beyond its borders. It seeks out lived experiences of cosmopolitanism in the evidence of visual, social and textual expressions, and then asks how to interrogate this evidence. What were the opportunities through which border crossings became fixed in the minds of participants and observers? How was Enlightenment cosmopolitanism in practice inflected with (visual) sensibilities?

Participants include:

Limited Availability. Please contact if you are interested in attending.

Nationalism in the Age of Internationalism

Monday 21 July 2014
Western Tower Room
The University of Sydney

A SIHN Workshop at the University of Sydney.

Co-sponsored by the Department of History, the program ‘Inventing the International’, and the Nation-Empire-Globe research cluster.

This workshop asks the question, what do the 'new' international, transnational, cosmopolitan, and global histories add to our understanding of the history of nationalism, nationality and the idea of the nation? The general theme will be a discussion of the idea of the nation, nationalism and nationality in the context of a past century marked by the rise of globalisation, new empires (formal and informal), and international organizations. While existing historiography tends to situate the nation in a continuum of the rise of nation-states, our aim is to reconsider that history from the perspective of the new interest in 'international' phenomena, including human rights, the rise of NGOs, transnational and imperial networks, and internationalism itself.

Please contact Marco Duranti if you are interested in attending

Participants include:

  • Peter Becker (Vienna)
  • Roland Burke (La Trobe)
  • Stella Ghervas (Harvard)
  • Sam Moyn (Columbia)
  • Todd Shepard (Johns Hopkins)
  • Philippa Hetherington (Harvard)

The Future of the History of Ideas Workshop

Monday 11-Tuesday 12 August 2014

Western Tower Room
The University of Sydney

Opening Address by Anthony Grafton
A Life in the Margins: How Reading Over the Shoulders of Renaissance Readers Lets Us Do History in a New Way

Participants include:

By Invitation Only. Please contact Jennifer Milam if you are interested in attending

Past Workshops

Finding form for historical lives: a workshop with Tony Birch and Ross Gibson

Thursday 27 March 2014

How do we find a form for representing historical lives, especially those lives that have left only traces in the archive? Or does the form find us? In this workshop, novelist, poet and academic Tony Birch (The University of Melbourne) and author, film-maker and academic Ross Gibson (The University of Sydney) talk about how they have found form for historical lives forgotten and remembered in writing projects, collaborative image-based works, and interactive installation pieces. Tony and Ross will address in particular how to use different media to translate our ideas for public audiences beyond academia.

The workshop is aimed mainly at postgraduate students interested in thinking experimentally about the archives you are working with (broadly conceived) and the imaginative experiences that encountering your archive has inspired. What will you do next with what you have discovered? And how will you go about it?

Please contact Miranda Johnson for further information.

This workshop is generously supported by Global Sensibilities Group, a Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Collaborative Research Group; and Race and Ethnicity in the Global South, a project supported by an ARC Laureate Fellowship at The University of Sydney.

Workshop with Manfred Frank

Manfred Frank

Tuesday 11 March 2014

Centre for Modernism Studies
Webster 139
The University of New South Wales

Professor Manfred Frank will discuss with interested postgraduate students and academic staff sections 566-8 of Novalis's Fichte Studies. Interested students and academics are welcome to participate.

Contact Sean Pryor if you would like to attend.