Samuel Beckett Digital Manuscript Project

Digital Humanities Workshop 'Samuel Beckett Digital Manuscript Project'
Presenter: Dirk Van Hulle
Date: Monday 4 December 2017
Time: 2pm-4pm
Location: Brennan-MacCallum Learning Studio 110

This workshop, limited to 20 registered participants, aims to demonstrate a milestone in modern literary scholarship in the digital domain: the Samuel Beckett Digital Manuscript Project. The workshop will showcase various features of the BDMP, drawing on several published editions of Beckett’s manuscripts, as well as providing a critical survey of the Samuel Beckett Library online and other features of the project.

The workshop will be run by Dirk Van Hulle and facilitated by Mark Byron (Department of English).

Dirk Van Hulle, professor of English literature at the University of Antwerp and director of the Centre for Manuscript Genetics, recently edited the new Cambridge Companion to Samuel Beckett (2015). With Mark Nixon, he is co-director of the Beckett Digital Manuscript Project ( and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Beckett Studies. His publications include Textual Awareness (2004), Modern Manuscripts (2014), Samuel Beckett’s Library (2013, with Mark Nixon), James Joyce’s Work in Progress (2016) and several genetic editions in the Beckett Digital Manuscript Project, including Krapp’s Last Tape / La Dernière Bande, Molloy (with Magessa O’Reilly and Pim Verhulst), L’Innommable / The Unnamable (with Shane Weller) and the Beckett Digital Library.

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