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How fussy pandas maintain a balanced bamboo diet

22 July, 2014

Pandas are famously fussy eaters, but new research suggests there is method to their madness, with the animals switching between different species and parts of bamboo plants to maintain a balanced diet and reproduce.


Mysterious dance of dwarfs may force a cosmic rethink

18 July, 2014

The discovery that many small galaxies throughout the universe do not 'swarm' around larger ones like bees do but 'dance' in orderly disc-shaped orbits is a challenge to our understanding of how the universe formed and evolved. The finding, by an international team of astronomers, including Professor Geraint Lewis from the University of Sydney's School of Physics, is announced today in Nature.


Jonny Niesche wins SCA's top art prize

10 July, 2014

At the opening of the FAUVETTE 2014 exhibition last night, Sydney College of the Arts announced emerging, Sydney-based contemporary artist Jonny Niesche this year's winner of the annual Fauvette Loureiro Memorial Artists Travel Scholarship.


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