Scholarships and Fellowships: Europe


These PDF files provide information on some of the international scholarship opportunities available for students travelling to and from Europe.

Inbound charts list opportunities for international students travelling to Australia.
Outbound charts list opportunities for Australian domestic students travelling overseas.

European Union European Union PDF Inbound (PDF, 99 kB) PDF 
France France PDF Inbound (PDF, 102 kB) PDF 
Germany Germany PDF Inbound (PDF, 100 kB) PDF 
Greece Greece PDF Inbound (PDF, 99 kB) PDF 
Ireland (Éire) Ireland (Republic) PDF Inbound (PDF, 99 kB) PDF 
Italy Italy PDF Inbound (PDF, 99 kB) PDF 
Netherlands Netherlands PDF Inbound (PDF, 99 kB) PDF 
Spain Spain PDF Inbound (PDF, 103 kB) PDF 
Sweden Sweden PDF Inbound (PDF, 99 kB) PDF 
Switzerland  Switzerland PDF Inbound (PDF, 102 kB) PDF 
Turkey Turkey PDF Inbound (PDF, 126 kB) PDF 
United Kingdom United Kingdom PDF Inbound (PDF, 103 kB) PDF 

Applying to the University of Sydney

For many scholarships, applicants must first obtain an offer of admission to their chosen academic programme.

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Application procedures and entry requirements:

> International Undergraduate
> International Postgraduate Coursework
> International Postgraduate Research

PhD applicants should first contact a research supervisor.

English-Language Proficiency Requirements

International students must meet the University of Sydney’s English language proficiency requirements. English proficiency is determined by the result of an IELTS or TOEFL test, or by previous tertiary study in English.

> English language proficiency requirements (PDF)

The University of Sydney’s Centre for English Teaching (CET) offers high quality English language programmes, including academic English.

> Centre for English Teaching

Australian Student Visas

Most international students require a valid student visa for study in Australia. For information on Australian student visa options, please visit the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website.

> Student visas (Department of Immigration and Citizenship)

Agents in Europe

The University of Sydney is represented by several education agents overseas. Potential international students may contact our agent representatives for information about the university and our academic programmes, or to lodge an application.

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> International Student Office