International House Constitution

1. Name
2. Definitions
3. Objects
4. Property
5. Control
6. Power and Duties
7. Council
8. Management
9. Constitution

1. Name

The name of the Hall of Residence shall be The University of Sydney International House.

2. Definitions

In this Constitution, unless the context otherwise requires:
“the House” means The University of Sydney International House;
“Council” means The University of Sydney International House;
“University” means The University of Sydney;
“Senate” means Senate of the University;
“Director” means Director of the House;
“Hall of Residence” has the meaning set out in the University (Financial Assistance) Act, 1963.

3. Objects

The House is established by the University as a Hall of Residence

i) to provide suitable residential and associated facilities, which may include tutorials and other services, for both Australian and overseas students of the University, and

ii) to promote understanding and fellowship between people of different nationalities and cultures, including not only residents of the House, but other members of the broader University community, by social interaction and the exchange of knowledge.

4. Property

The House is built on land vested in the University, and its building and equipment, whilst remaining the property of the University, are declared to be in care of the Council as hereinafter provided.

5. Control

The House is administered by the Council exercising delegated authority on behalf of the University subject to this Constitution.

6. Power and Duties

(a) The Council has the following powers (subject to the Senate’s right to intervene at any time):

(i) to make, alter, and cancel by-laws, consistent with this Constitution, in relation to any matter connected with the House, provided that all by-laws and alterations or cancellations thereof are approved by Senate;

(ii) to establish all such committees to advise and assist the Council as it shall see fit, provided the Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson and Director shall be ex-officio members thereof, and to delegate to its officers and committees such powers and duties as it shall decide from time to time;

(iii) to formulate policy and determine conditions for the admission of resident and non-resident members of the House and for the termination of membership;

(iv) with approval of Senate, to borrow any monies necessary for the development and operation of the House;

(v) to take any action which it considers necessary or desirable in relation to any matter connected with the House.

(b) The Council shall provide Senate annually with a report of its activities and of the financial affairs of the House.

7. Council

(a) The Council shall consist of:

(i) The Chancellor, the Deputy Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University, and the Director, ex officio:

(ii) The following persons appointed by Senate:

(aa) One other Fellow of Senate, appointed annually;
(bb) Three persons who shall be members of Rotary International, each appointed for three years, one of whom shall retire each year;
(cc) One person nominated by SUIH Alumni Association appointed annually;
(dd) Three persons nominated by SUIH Members Association appointed annually;
(ee) Up to nine other persons each appointed for three years of whom three shall retire each year.

(b) Retiring Council members may be reappointed provided no person shall be appointed pursuant to Clause 7(a)(ii)(bb) or 7(a)(ii)(ee) for more than three consecutive terms of office;

(c) The Senate may appoint a person to fill a casual vacancy on the Council for the remainder of the term of office so vacated, and for the purpose of Clause 7(b) the person appointed to fill the vacancy shall be deemed to have been appointed at the same time and pursuant to the same Sub-clause as the person whose position has been vacated;

(d) The Council shall elect, from amongst its members, a Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson each of whom shall hold office for one year and be eligible for re-election PROVIDED that no person shall hold such office for more than three years consecutively; in the event of a casual vacancy in either office. Council may elect a Council member to hold the office for the remainder of the year;

(e) Until the Council shall otherwise determine, seven of its members shall be a quorum;

(f) With the exception of the Director, Council members shall not be entitled to emolument for holding office;

(g) The existence of any vacancy on Council shall not affect the validity of its proceedings.

8. Management

(a) A Director of the House shall be appointed by the Council;

(b) The salary and terms and conditions of appointment of the Director shall be as determined by the Finance Committee of the Senate following advice from the Council;

(c) The Director shall be

(i) a member of Council, and its executive officer,

(ii) responsible to the Council for the day-to-day running of the house, including general superintendence and control of all members of the House, enforcement of the by-laws, and implementation of policy and decisions of the Council.

9. Constitution

Changes to the Constitution of International House may be recommended by the Council of International House to the University Senate at any time, provided that

(i) notice of motion is given at a meeting of the Council prior to the meeting at which motion is to be discussed,

(ii) the notice of motion is circulated to all members of Council at least two weeks prior to the meeting at which the motion is to be discussed, and

(iii) the recommendation is supported by a two-thirds majority of the members of Council present and voting at the meeting at which the motion is discussed.