1. Name
2. Aims
3. Ordinary Membership
4. Honorary Membership
5. SUIHAA Committee
6. Duties and and Responsibilities of Office Bearers
7. General Meetings
8. Amendment to Constitution
9. Property

1. Name

The Association shall be named the Sydney University International House Alumni Association (SUIHAA).

2. Aims

(a) To foster and maintain communication between all members.

(b) To preserve an interest by members in the Sydney University International House (hereafter, International House).

(c) To work with International House in promoting the aims and ideals of international understanding within the university and the wider community.

3. Ordinary Membership

Ordinary Membership is extended to all persons who have lived at International House. Such membership starts at the commencement of residence.

4. Honorary Membership

Honorary membership is extended to persons:

(a) who are staff/former staff or Council members/former Council members of International House and who wish to participate in SUIHAA activities. The request for Honorary membership shall be addressed in writing to the Secretary, for approval by the Committee.

(b) who support the aims of the Association and are proposed in writing to the Secretary, by three members, for approval by the Committee.

5. SUIHAA Committee

All committee positions may be held by both Ordinary and Honorary members of SUIHAA.

(a) SUIHAA shall have an Executive consisting of three officers, President, Secretary and Treasurer, who are normally resident in Sydney. The three office bearers shall be elected by majority vote at the Annual General Meeting.

(b) In addition to the Executive, SUIHAA shall have up to twelve committee members including a Newsletter Editor, up to two Functions Officers, up to two Communications Officers and six General Committee Members. Five of these General Committee Members shall be elected by majority vote of the members at the Annual General Meeting; one such General Committee Member shall be a representative of the International House Members' Association (IHMA) Committee. The positions of Newsletter Editor, Communications Officer(s) and Functions Officer(s) shall be decided at the first meeting of each new committee.

(c) The members of the SUIHAA Committee shall hold office from the date of their election or appointment until the next Annual General Meeting. Any member of the SUIHAA Committee may at any time retire therefrom by giving written notice to the Secretary, or may be dismissed from office by a resolution passed by a two-thirds majority of those members voting at a Special General Meeting of SUIHAA.

(d) The President shall convene a meeting of the SUIHAA Committee within one month of the Annual General Meeting and subsequently at periods not exceeding three months. Four members shall constitute a quorum of the SUIHAA Committee. The committee members shall be given at least two weeks notice of each meeting.

(e) The President, or in his/her absence the Secretary, shall preside at committee meetings. The chairperson shall have a casting vote in the event of an equal division of votes on any question.

(f) The Executive may appoint any member of SUIHAA to fill any casual vacancy that may occur in the committee.

(g) The SUIHAA Committee may act by a majority of its members and may continue to act notwithstanding a vacancy in its membership.

6. Duties and and Responsibilities of Office Bearers

(a) The President shall:

(i) Supervise the general functioning of the SUIHAA Committee.

(ii) Preside at meetings of the SUIHAA Committee.

(iii) Be the SUIHAA-nominated representative on, and present a report to, the International House Council, and attend meetings convened by the Council as required (including meetings of the House and Finance Committee).

(iv) Carry out other duties normally associated with the work of President.

(b) The Secretary shall:

(i) Keep minutes of the proceedings of General and SUIHAA Committee meetings, and maintain the minutes record as both hard and soft copy.

(ii) Report relevant correspondence to the SUIHAA Committee.

(iii) Issue due notice of the date and agenda of the above meetings.

(iv) Receive and respond to correspondence sent to the SUIHAA e-mail address and disseminate such information to the appropriate recipients.

(v) Submit information for publication in the Sydney University Gazette.

(c) The Treasurer shall:

(i) Receive membership subscriptions, accompanied by a related list of new members, from IH.

(ii) Issue receipts of all moneys paid to SUIHAA (other than membership subscriptions collected by IH).

(iii) Pay all moneys received to SUIHAA bank accounts.

(iv) Present to each Committee Meeting for approval all transactions over the amount of twenty five (25) dollars.

(v) Keep a record showing details of receipts, expenditure and balance.

(vi) Present to each Annual General Meeting an audited financial statement for the period ending the last day of July.

(d) The Newsletter Editor shall:

(i) Present an advance schedule for each SUIHAA newsletter to the SUIHAA Committee.

(ii) Organise editorial meetings for each newsletter as required.

(iii) Edit information from:
(a) incoming mail (postal and e-mail)
(b) Members Feedback Sheet (from IH, newsletter and web)
(c) Any other sources
for publication in newsletters.

(iv) Organise the printing of newsletters and other publications.

(v) Organise a task force for the distribution of the SUIHAA newsletter and other publications.

(e) The Communications Officer(s) shall:

(i) Liase with the Committee, the House, IHMA and other organisations to communicate upcoming programs and functions to the International House community and other interested stakeholders.

(ii) Organise the printing of any publications apart from the newsletter.

(f) The Functions Officer(s) shall:

(i) Liase with the House and other third parties to organise functions including (but not limited to) the Calendarfest, Foundation Day Address, Stargazing Night, Spring Back to Sydney and Walter Westman Lecture.

(g) The six General Committee members shall:

(i) Promote the aims of SUIHAA and assist as delegated

(ii) Assist the Executive in endeavouring to achieve the aims of SUIHAA

(iii) Act as liaison personnel between the SUIHAA Committee and members.

(h) The Webmaster shall:

(i) Maintain the SUIHAA web site.

7. General Meetings

(a) The Annual General Meeting of SUIHAA shall be convened in September each year to:

(i) Receive a President’s Report and the Treasurer’s audited statement of accounts for the preceding financial year

(ii) Elect Office Bearers and the General Committee members for the ensuing year

(iii) Transact any other business

(b) Notice of all General Meetings must be sent (preferably with the Newsletter) to all members at least twenty-one (21) days before the proposed date.

(c) Ten members shall constitute a quorum of a General Meeting. A member is entitled to appoint a proxy to attend and vote instead of the member. The chairperson or another member of SUIHAA can be appointed as a proxy. Both Ordinary and Honorary members are entitled to vote.

(d) The proxy form shall be included in the notice of a General Meeting. The completed form shall be posted, faxed or emailed (from a pre-registered email address) and accepted until the commencement of the Meeting.

(e) The Secretary may at any time for any special purpose call a Special General Meeting, and shall do so forthwith on the written request of any eleven members stating the purpose(s) for which the meeting is called. The business at such Special General Meetings shall be confined to the purpose(s) stated in the notices.

(f) The President shall preside at a General Meeting. In the absence of the President, the members present shall elect one of their number as Chairperson. The Chairperson shall have a casting vote in the event of an equal division of votes on any question.

(g) The office of President shall be transferred to the new President after the election of the Executive and Committee has been completed at the Annual General Meeting.

8. Amendment to Constitution

These rules may be repealed or amended, or new rules made, by a two-thirds majority of those members voting at any General Meeting. Notice of such proposed repeal, amendment or new rule must be given to the Secretary in writing not less than five (5) weeks before such meeting, and included in the notice of the meeting given pursuant to paragraph 7(b).

Any changes to the Constitution voted at a General Meeting shall be presented to the International House Council for approval.

9. Property

(a) All assets and property of SUIHAA shall be vested in the Executive and Committee who shall administer them in such a manner as considered to be in the interests of SUIHAA.

(b) If in any year there has been no Annual General Meeting with the required quorum at which at least one of the offices of President, Treasurer or Secretary has been filled, then the Treasurer of the previous year shall hold the funds and assets of SUIHAA until a new Executive of SUIHAA is formed under the terms of this Constitution.