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Josh Lee

Josh Lee, SUIHAA President 2012-2013

International House has been home to over 5000 University of Sydney students, staff and family members since 1967. SUIHAA (Sydney University International House Alumni Association), aims to represent this global community by fostering links between alumni; raising awareness of alumni activities; promoting IH ideals throughout the world and enriching the lives of current residents by connecting them with past residents of the House.

But we're more than just an alumni organisation. SUIHAA helps support the initiatives of alumni across the world, and can help you reconnect with lost IH friends or simply catch up on news of the House through our regular newsletters and online updates. From 2006 to 2010 we helped raise over $100,000 to support the construction of a children's hospital in Bo, Sierra Leone, a project championed by alumnus Dr Nuli Lemoh and which SUIHAA continues to have an active interest in. We also help support the next generation of IH alumni through scholarships, competitions and other activities.

2013 is set to be an exciting year for SUIHAA, from the launch of a new annual reunion event in March featuring musical performances from current residents, to looking towards the future as we prepare for the upcoming redevelopment of the House. Forging professional links between current and past residents of the House will also take centre stage as we look to re-establishing the Alumni Mentoring Program.

Whether you're a past resident looking to reconnect or eager to find out more about the generations that have come before, drop us a line and help get involved. Your stay at IH doesn't end when you leave!

How on earth do you pronounce SUIHAA? Usually like this - swee-har.

Josh Lee
SUIHAA President

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2016 Committee

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President  Ros Madden
Secretary Dominick Ng
Treasurer Joshua Lee
General Committee Renee Noble
General Committee Gwen Ng
General Committee Evan Voroney
General Committee Paul Reisner
General Committee Lisa Deng
General Committee Julia Krattli
General Committee Sarah McLain
General Committee Tessa Gastrell
General Committee vacant
General Committee vacant

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