Sydney University International House Alumni Association (SUIHAA)

International House has been home to thousands of students, faculty and families at the University of Sydney since 1967. SUIHA exists to maintain and foster the understanding and friendships shared by those residents.

Whether you have been in regular contact since you us, or you are returning for the first time, perhaps seeking news of old friends, welcome! This site has been created to allow all members to get in touch with SUIHAA and International House alumni.

You will find all the latest news from SUIHAA and if you are looking for someone in particular, you will soon be able to login to the Portal and use the search facility here. You may search alumni by last name, first name and year(s) at International House.

News of SUIHAA's activities and events is regularly updated, together with projects implemented by SUIHAA.

Thanks for visiting and please keep in touch.