How to access the portal

How to access the portal

SUIHAA has now launched an online portal where you can update your details, look for a friend from your time at International House and send them an email.

To access the portal you will need your ID and Password.

If you haven’t received your ID and Password please send an email to with the following information:

- First Name
- Last Name (as known during your stay in IH and your current last name)
- Year in the House
- Course studied at the University of Sydney

With your ID and Password you will be able to access the online portal at

If you have any enquiries please contact us at


How to update your details on the portal

Once you have your entry ID and password, you can go to the portal and update your details.

Step 1: login using the entry ID and password you received

Step 2: click on the update details tab at the top of the portal

Step 3: update your personal details, address and email address, so we can keep in touch and informed about upcoming events and reunions!