International House Global Population

Over the years IH has accommodated hundreds of residents from all over the world. The blue countries on the map below show all the countries our residents have come from in the last 6 years.

Figures of Residents

Where in the world have our residents come from? Everywhere! (nearly)


Denidra Correa

"International House is one of the most wonderful places to live in and has made my transition to living in Sydney an enjoyable one. It was really hard leaving my life, family and friends in Dubai and coming here to Sydney, and see IH as that step right in between leaving home and being thrust into the real world.

As someone who has no family in Australia, the IH community soon became my family in Sydney and the bonds formed were ones that would last a lifetime.

My favourite part of living in IH is being thrust into an international community, going to different cultural events, seeing how people from different backgrounds live and making friends from all over the world so I always have someone to stay with when I go traveling."

Denidra Correa (India)

Jonathan Tanco

"Living at International House has been one of the best experiences of my life. I’m finishing up my sixth semester here and I’ve loved every minute of it. Nowhere else will you find such a diverse group of people living together and forming such a tight knit community. Out of the two hundred residents that live here, over 35 nationalities are represented. Not to mention that almost everyone speaks at least two languages. Over my time living here I’ve formed bonds with people that will probably span my lifetime, many of them from countries that I knew nothing about before.

Part of the reason why International House is so conducive to forming friendships is the environment that its residents create. Students here learn to be culturally aware and respect people from every background. They also understand that it’s a unique university environment where you can learn about the rest of the world without having to leave Sydney! "

Jonathan Tanco (United States of America/ Philippines)

Nanette Van Jaarsveld

"Since I moved here, I have made the most amazing friends all across the globe, and we all plan to visit each other when we have to return home. You could probably walk out of this house at the end of your degree with a friend in each country – ready to welcome you whenever you set foot in their land. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new about someone else’s country, culture, beliefs and personalities. Even my initial worries that there might be some conflict between all the nationalities was a waste, as everyone is so tolerant and respectful towards each other.

I love living at International House, and moving here was probably the best choice I made (just after picking Sydney Uni of course). I love that the community is so tightly woven with so many individuals from all over – just sitting down to lunch is like taking a trip around the world! And let’s not forget that you can literally sleep until 10 minutes before your class, because everything is just 5 minutes away."

Nanette Van Jaarsveld (South Africa)

Siaw-Yean Woon

"Being fortunate enough to be an IH resident has (even) given me the opportunity to apply for the internationally contested “Davis Projects for Peace” grant - for which my submission was successful. Thus, with the US10,000 grant I will be travelling to India to implement my own project designed to assist in the prevention and eventual eradication of rabies, and in doing so contribute to the peace of communities affected by this devastating disease. As a veterinary student and IH resident, I have the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of animals and people. I’m certain this opportunity will impart a rich cultural and educational experience.

International House allows you to pursue your endeavours and passions in a supportive and active environment. If anyone wants to truly enjoy their time at university, I would absolutely recommend applying for International House."

Siaw-Yean Woon (Australia)

Nisha D

"When I first moved to International House it was like stepping through a cultural portal. The IH experience is a unique, enriching blend that enables you to create the perfect balance between academics and socialising. The house fosters the perfect environment for students from all corners of the globe and the time I have spent here has defined me in ways I could never have imagined! From the Food Fair, Harbour Cruise and I-night to soccer in the park and studying on the roof, IH truly provides the whole 360o university experience that every student should have. I would definitely recommend joining in 40 years of custom and becoming part of the International House extended family."

Nisha D'Souza (India)