Life at International House

interfloor games

International House is a dynamic community of undergraduate and postgraduate, local and international students and academics. Everyday residents study, eat, play sport, organise events and socialise with other residents from around 40 nations. At least 25% of our residents are Australian, giving international students an opportunity to engage with local students outside of the classroom and giving our local students a global experience at college.

Living at International House offers convenience, care and opportunity. The House aims to promote multicultural interaction and understanding through a comprehensive program of events and activities. Resident leaders, working with staff, design and manage many aspects of the program.

Intercultural competency is essential in our globalised economy; intercultural competency is only gained through experience of cultures other than your own, through working and living with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

It is an ideal place for future leaders of the global community to begin developing a truly international perspective and sensitivity that they will carry for the rest of their lives.