Leadership programs & events

The House participates in a number of leadership programs and events over the course of the year. Students are encouraged to take part in as many as they are able to without affecting their studies.

If you are interested in attending a particular conference or event that is related to your studies or international understanding, SUIHAA offers 2 scholarships to assist with the costs. Click here for more details about these scholarships.

IH Roundtable

The vision of the inaugural Chairperson of International House, Michael Hwang, was that IH would be a place for the exchange and production of ideas, in an egalitarian and open atmosphere.

IH Roundtable talks have put this vision into practice. Each Sunday evening, residents and alumni from the House assemble to hear one of their colleagues present on an area of their interest or expertise. The talks so far have treated diverse topics. From medicine, space technology, engineering to environmentalism, charity and hopefully many more

During and following the talks, residents engage in discussion about these complex topics. Many of these topics treat issues that concern the global community as a whole.

Check IH Roundtable facebook page for updates.

House Leadership Positions and IHMA Executive

If you are interested in a House Leadership Position or one of the three IHMA Executive positions (Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary) you must attend the Resident Leadership Evening held in October. These positions are nominated or elected in late October for the following year. For a list of these positions please click here.

Every year the Senior Residents and IHMA Executive undergo a week of intensive training before the start of Orientation Week. This training addresses both the operational knowledge required for running an organisation or the House after hours, as well as the interpersonal skills required to lead and motivate students living in a Hall of Residence. The training comprises of the following modules:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning First Aid Qualification Leadership Theory Governance Training Fire Warden Training Leadership Retreat
Afternoon Cultural Competence Conflict Resolution Leadership Retreat
IH Log Cabin
Mental Health Workshop
Evening Supper Club Leadership Scenarios Harassment and Discrimination Policy Goal Setting Seminar

The other House positions receive individually tailored training according to the requirements of their position. All leaders are mentored throughout the year by staff and alumni and receive ongoing training as required.

The remainder of the IHMA committee is elected in March, allowing newly arrived residents to nominate for these roles. For a list of these positions please click here.

The Walter Westman Lecture on Science, Humanity and the Environment

International House holds this lecture series every year to honour the memory of Walter E Westman, an alumnus of the House from 1967 and the winner of the International House Alumni Award for Achievement in 1988.

Past speakers include:

  • 2013: Professor John Quiggin, Australian economist, a member of the Board of the Climate Change Authority and a Laureate Fellow at the University of Queensland.
  • 2012: Dr Ross Gittins AM, economics editor of The Sydney Morning Herald and an economic columnist for The Age.
  • 2011: Dr Frank Jotzo, senior lecturer at the Crawford School, Director of the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy and Deputy Director of the ANU Climate Change Institute.
  • 2010: Professor Ian Hickie AM, Executive Director of the Brain & Mind Research Institute, University of Sydney.
  • 2009: John Conor, CEO of the Climate Institute of Australia.
  • 2008: Dr Steve Hatfield-Dodds, CSIRO.

Davis Projects for Peace

Davis Projects for Peace is an initiative for all students at the Davis United World College Scholars Program partner schools and International Houses worldwide to design their own grassroots projects for peace that they themselves will implement anywhere in the world during the Northern Hemisphere summer. Through a competition on over 90 campuses, projects are selected for funding at USD$10,000 each.

In 2013, Ladu Boyo II, as resident from the newly created country of South Sudan was awarded the grant for his project, the aim of which is to build a dormitory for Secondary Girls in the town of Kabe in South Sudan.

This area was, until very recently, considered too dangerous for charities and aid organisations to enter and it is still very unstable. Ladu hopes to build a place where girls can stay and study. It is important for them to have their own space, as if they make the long journey home each night they are expected to complete numerous chores and do not have time to study. He hopes that this dorm will enable a higher number of girls in the area to complete secondary school, leading to better development outcomes for the town and a more stable future.

Further details regarding the Davis Project for Peace can be obtained on the website http://www.davisprojectsforpeace.org/.

National Student Leadership Forum on Faith and Values

The National Student Leadership Forum on Faith and Values has been drawing young adults from across the nation and the region to Canberra to consider how they, as leaders, might use their talents and energy to serve others. The purpose of the Forum is to inspire and equip young people to become leaders who make a difference because of their personal commitment to serve others.

The National Student Leadership Forum on faith and values is usually held in September each year. It is privately funded and receives no financial assistance from state or Federal Governments. International House has in the past nominated and sponsored residents to attend the forum (travel and accommodation paid).

Further details regarding the Forum can be obtained by going to http://www.nslf.org.au.