International House provides academic support for current and new residents living at the House through a number of initiatives, particularly an extensive tutorial program.

Tutorials will begin in Week 4 of semester. Frequency will be determined by how many residents are interested in assistance for the subject. Please register for tutorials as soon as possible. If you are interested in being a tutor in this program you can register your interest and experience below.

To register your interest in academic support provided within International House or becoming a tutor, sign up here.

Other Academic Support

Language Discussion Groups
These are inter-college language discussion groups for learners of a second language. The purpose of the groups will be to practice to practice their language and speaking skills. They will be hosted at different colleges according to the popularity of the language at an individual college. To register your interest in being in a language discussion group please complete the form here.

Guest Lecturers and Speakers
Experts from a variety of fields are invited to the House to give lectures and talks during major events or Lecture series. Past speakers this year have included Keith Suter, political commentator and international affairs consultant; Dr. Ron Cameron, acting Chief Executive Officer of ANSTO (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization); and Dr. Steve Hatfield-Dodds, one of Australia’s leading environmental economists and executive of Australian Government Department of Climate Change.