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What is IHMA?

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International House Members Association, or IHMA for short, has represented the interests of residents in the House since its inception in 1967. We organise a multitude of social and cultural events and activities throughout the year, aiming to encourage interaction and community spirit amongst the residents of the House. As a student representative body IHMA also takes feedback from residents about any concerns which they may have about life at the House.

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Welcome from the Chairperson

Simon Coleman, Chairperson of International House Member’s Association (IHMA)

Simon Coleman, Chairperson of International House Member’s Association

Over half a century ago a group of organisations had a ground-breaking idea: to create an International House style college for Sydney students. This House would be a new home for a new world, one where students were no longer separated by barriers of distance, communication, culture, and ideology. A House that did not tie itself to one institution; a House that would not have an exclusive High Table for academics; one that would avoid "in groups" and “outgroups”. Instead at the heart of the House’s mission it was to be everybody's home. The House’s foundation is you yourself, your culture, country and life experiences. Together we all create the diverse identity that makes International House so strong. Now nearly 50 years on, having just completed a renovation, IH has blossomed into a close-knit and proud community. The voice of this community is the International Members House Association, for which every resident is a member.

Moving to a new residence for university can be a daunting experience. This is especially true if your home is a 24 hour transcontinental flight away, but also for those who are moving across town. But the International Members House Association, known as IHMA, makes this challenging transition much easier with our understanding and supportive community. While International House becomes your new house, IHMA becomes your community, one that is run by students for the students.

Our year opens with the event-laden IHMA O-week that introduces you to our amazing community, university and city. From his launching pad IHMA run a year of great events. Social highlights include our Harbor Cruise, the glitzy Ball in the city and the memorable bi semesterly IH parties. There is also IH Idol, where residents battle off for the best vocal talent of the house. But these social events only make up one part of IHMA. As the act of sharing our meals is a critical part of International House life, food is a key focus of IHMA. Food Fair and Desert Fair gives our residents a chance to cook their national dishes for the whole House. Not to mention the numerous cultural (Moon Cake, Diwali and Eid festivals to name just a few) and environmental (including Earth Hour and Charity Night) events that IHMA runs. With the intercollege cup Palladian, International House residents have the chance to compete against the other colleges in varying competitions ranging from debating to solo dance. Our sports events range from football and basketball in the neighboring park to lasertag and trampolining events held across Sydney. Then we have I-Night, the spectacular show that is a night to remember showcasing the talents and creativity from around the house. But this list is just snapshot of what IHMA hosts as there are too many events to list here. IHMA is a diverse organisation and thus the events we run are incredibly varied that engage all parts of the house.

It is easy to get involved in IHMA. There are committee elections at the start of each semester for a number of positions ranging from food to socials, sport to publications and many more! The committee are there to represent you, so if you have a suggestion about the menu or a new event that is your avenue to make it happen. Check out the IHMA Facebook page if you want get a closer look at us.

The residents, yourself included, make IHMA, and IHMA makes International House.

Together let us make 2015 the best one yet.

See you then.

Simon Coleman
International House Members Association

The IHMA Committee

IHMA operates via a committee which is elected by residents at the start of each year. The committee is split up into a number of sub-committees, each responsible for the organisation and management of a particular aspect of resident life – for example, sport, food, social activities and so forth.

Email us at with any ideas, suggestions and feedback.

Name  Position
Simon Coleman Chairperson 
Rachel Chen Secretary
Moe Hassan Treasurer
Amy Fraser Social Coordinator
Jo-Ann Lim Social Coordinator
Jonti Groth Social Coordinator
Brittany Ridley Social Coordinator 
Ned Green Social Coordinator
Mimi Yaluma Food Coordinator 
Stephanie Liao Food Coordinator 
Yen Tran Shop Coordinator
Agus Kurniawan Shop Coordinator
Jessica Chu Shop Coordinator
Nicholas Chor Publications Officer
Tyrone Feldman Publications Officer
Omar Hassan Inter-Collegiate Representative
David Liang Inter-Collegiate Representative
Mitchel Choo Sports Coordinator
Lim Yan Shian Sports Coordinator
Joe Dowsett Environmental and Welfare Officer
James Heimann Photographer
Nicholas Shackleton Photographer

IHMA Constitution

To download IHMA Constitution please click here.