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What is IHMA?

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International House Members Association, or IHMA for short, has represented the interests of residents in the House since its inception in 1967. We organise a multitude of social and cultural events and activities throughout the year, aiming to encourage interaction and community spirit amongst the residents of the House. As a student representative body IHMA also takes feedback from residents about any concerns which they may have about life at the House.

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Welcome from the Chairperson

Tiffanie Sugianto, Chairperson of International House Member’s Association (IHMA)

Tess Bennetts, Chairperson of International House Member’s Association

It’s a brand new year at the University of Sydney and, more excitingly, a brand new year at International House. To all new residents of IH, welcome: you are about to enter a place which will provide you with some of the best memories and friendships of your life. To all returning residents, welcome back: here’s to more fun times!

International House is a college like no other. Our community becomes more culturally diverse every year, with two hundred students coming together from all over the world to study, grow, and share great life experiences. Our cultural diversity strengthens the friendships which are made in the House, creating an accepting and open-minded environment where everyone can feel comfortable, appreciated, and at liberty to be themselves. Not only is difference accepted; it is celebrated. Even through the simple act of sharing a meal, residents are exposed to many different cultures and philosophies, and become more knowledgeable, worldly, and understanding in the process.

If International House is just a house, then the International House Members Association is what makes it a home. This is the organisation run by you, the residents, which makes living at the House and making friendships so easy and enjoyable. Our calendar kicks off with an intense, fun-packed Orientation Week, which makes for a seamless transition into college life. There is the Food Fair, an exhilarating battle of residents’ cooking skills and creativity to create yummy dishes from all over the world. If you are a musician, actor, or artist, then you are likely to enjoy events such as IH Idol, our singing competition; Palladian Cup, where you can represent the House in vocal and instrumental performance, dance, art, drama, and debating; and iNight - one of the highlights of the year – where residents showcase their skills through theatre, dance, film-making and more. There are also many parties organised by IHMA, from the fun and casual karaoke party, to the classy Harbour Cruise in May that offers spectacular views of Darling Harbour. Just a few of the many other events in the IHMA calendar include Dessert Fair, Charity Night, Interfloor Games, and a collection of special cultural events celebrating Eid Al-Fitr, Mooncake Festival, Oktober Fest and Diwali.

You can also be involved on a more regular basis through our clubs, societies, and sports teams. For those competitive sportspeople, you can join one of our many teams, or simply book a court and go for a friendly hit of tennis after class. There is also a choir, dance classes, an art club, a Bible study group, academic tutorials, a language exchange program, and so much more – and you can always start your own club if you feel something is missing! There are countless opportunities to maximise your experience at International House, as well as in Sydney, and IHMA is here to make that happen.

It is hard to sum up such a special place in words; come and experience International House for yourself. The friendships, knowledge, compassion and memories this place offers are not only lasting, but will change you for the better.

Let’s make 2014 the best year yet!

Tess Bennetts
Chairperson, IHMA 2014

The IHMA Committee

IHMA operates via a committee which is elected by residents at the start of each year. The committee is split up into a number of sub-committees, each responsible for the organisation and management of a particular aspect of resident life – for example, sport, food, social activities and so forth.

Email us at with any ideas, suggestions and feedback.

Name  Position
Tess Bennetts Chairperson 
Mai Phuong Nguyen Secretary
Bo Yun Lu Treasurer
Anggi Timur Social Coordinator
Andre Sugianto Social Coordinator
Owen James Social Coordinator
Simon Coleman Social Coordinator 
Tejal Lad Food Coordinator 
Karen Cantarero Food Coordinator 
Michael Teoh Jin Lee Food Coordinator
Liam Darby Shop Coordinator
Lara Forgan Shop Coordinator
Evan Voroney Shop Coordinator
Alice Morgan Publications Officer
Jennifer Zhan Publications Officer
Kenny Lee Inter-Collegiate Representative
Nick Bonyhady Inter-Collegiate Representative
Charlotte Fontan Sports Coordinator
Kasandra Vegas Sports Coordinator
Tiffanie Sugianto Environmental and Welfare Officer
Giorgia Fornari Environmental and Welfare Officer
Suzie Yang Photographer
Benjamin Brent Photographer
Sarah Chan Advertising Officer
Muhammad Hazim Zia Advertising Officer

IHMA Constitution

To download IHMA Constitution please click here.