Australian Students

International House is currently seeking Australian students to join our global community. International House has many advantages for Australian Students, including:

Our comprehensive orientation program: International House Residents take part in a week of Orientation activities and events whilst they are settling into their room and making friends.

Be involved in a dynamic and diverse community: with over 40 nationalities represented in the house studying at 15 Faculties at graduate and undergraduate level, Australian students gain a unique global experience which will aid them in later life, and have opportunities to act as local hosts for our international guests.

Save time: You will need all the time you can get to study, meet new people and learn about your new surroundings during your first few months at University. International House will take a lot of the pressure off your time by cooking and cleaning for you - and then there is convenience of walking to class!

Only need to sign a 40 week contract: a contract with International House covers 40 weeks of semester time. A normal accommodation contract covers 52 weeks, whilst students are able to stay in the House all year round, it is not compulsory to stay and pay during the semester break. If they are a student who is likely to go home during the break or go traveling this will be an excellent way to save money.

A range of scholarships and bursaries available to new applicants: if you are a new applicant you should look at our scholarships page. International House is looking for applicants who offer diverse backgrounds and interests, as well as those who are able to contribute to the House through academic excellence or extra-curricular activities.

Confidently predicting your budget: at International House you know what you are expected to pay before you arrive. Your rent includes internet, utilities and food, as well as entertainment, social events and sporting opportunities. There will be no hidden costs, as can happen with renting. It also includes access to academic help and study spaces. For more information on comparing off-campus renting with college costs please go to: Cost Analysis

Pastoral care and strong community involvement: being in a new place, maybe living away from home for the first time can be daunting and isolating. At International House we have a resident leadership team whose role it is to address this problem. On each floor there is a Senior Resident who is there for you to talk to, get advice from and ensures that you are settling in. There is a student organisation that runs events in the house, you are able to assist with these or implement new events.

Peace of mind: we are the only residential service owned and operated by the University so you can be confident booking and confirming your accommodation.