What to bring to IH (and what not to bring)

Catered Rooms are provided with the following items and therefore you do not need to bring any of the following items (unless you really want to).

  • 1 Bed Base
  • 1 Mattress
  • 1 Mattress cover
  • 1 doona/quilt and cover
  • Two (2) sheets
  • Desk, Lamp and Chair
  • Fan
  • Heater
  • Two (2) pillowcases
  • Two (2) Pillows
  • Telephone
  • Curtains
  • Waste Paper Bin
  • Internet cable

The self-catered apartments also have fully equipped kitchens, complete with cooking utensils, plates and cutlery.

What to pack
You need to bring your own towels, clothes and toiletries. If you are coming from overseas you will need to purchase a plug adapter for any electrical equipment you are bringing. International House does not permit the addition of extra furniture in your room.

Australian University students dress quite casually and you will only need a suit or formal attire for special occasions. Don’t forget some sun protection for around campus. Sydney can also get quite cold (well Sydney-siders think it can get cold) and winter in Sydney averages at about 8-17 C (48-63 F).

We have several cultural events, including a Flag Dinner, Candlelight Ceremony and iNight. If you have a national dress, a film, music or other items that you think would be a benefit to one of these multicultural events we would welcome them.

There is a big shopping centre within a few minutes walk of International House. This shopping centre has two reasonably priced department stores that sell almost everything, from towels and toiletries to stationary and clothes. Often it is easier and cheaper for you to buy some items when you are here.

There is a computer lab at International House equipped with computers, a printer and photocopier. There is unlimited internet access for all University students at International House. If you have a laptop you can connect to the internet in your room via a data cable port, there is also wifi available in some areas of the house. We will supply you with the data cable.