Other important information

Health Insurance and Medical Issues

International students should have had their OSHC medical insurance organised for them by the University of Sydney. Please check with your admissions officer if this has been completed. On arrival you can have your medical insurance cards sent to International House.

There is a University Health Service available on campus. These doctors “bulk bill”, which means that as long as you have a Medicare or OSHC card the doctors will not bill you directly for the consultation.
International House recommends that you make sure all your vaccinations and health checks are up to date. We recommend getting a seasonal flu shot. These are available from the University Health Service for about $AU12.00

Money and Bank Accounts

Do not bring large amounts of cash with you. International House does not accept cash. You will only need a few hundred dollars in cash to get you through your first few days in Sydney.

Please note that services such as banks are open Monday to Friday only, they are not open on weekends or public holidays. Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) are also widely available in Sydney. If you do not have ATM access then you should bring enough Australian currency to last a few days, particularly if arriving over a weekend.

Currency exchange counters are available at the airport and in the city. Travelex Currency Exchange Branches (open daily from 6am-10pm) are available in Arrival Halls A, B, C and D of the International Airport. Some Travelex Currency Exchange Branches in the city are also open limited hours over the weekend. Information regarding branch locations and opening hours can be found on the following website: www.travelex.com/au/